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The money plant is a popular houseplant that helps bring prosperity to the home. It has deep green leaves, which grow in pairs and look like coins with a hole through the middle.

Money plant is a succulent and the most popular of all plants. It is also called “Pachypodium”, which means thick foot! The reason for this name is the storage organ at its base, which serves as a water reserve for the plant.

The money plant is a perennial, evergreen shrub that belongs to the pea family. It grows up to 3 feet high and has dark green leaves with white flowers on it.

Money plant is a common houseplant that makes an excellent gift for a friend, neighbour or co-worker. It does not mind growing in low light, as long as it gets enough water.

This is one of the most popular indoor plants. It has plump, flat and round leaves that might, with a bit of imagination, look like coins! Money plant is actually a succulent with fleshy leaves that store water in them.

The money plant is a succulent, which means it stores water in its leaves and stems. It needs very little watering and is therefore ideal for people with busy schedules. This plant is also said to bring prosperity to the house in which it’s grown.

The money plant is one of the most common houseplants. It is a native of South Africa and has pretty glossy leaves that are round, plump and flat.

The money plant or Pilea peperomioides, is an indoor type of plant that is usually kept in offices and houses. People keep it for the belief that if one grows it at home, he or she will never be short of money.

This plant is easy to grow. All you need is a jar, pot or vase with good drainage and some well-drained growing medium like coarse sand, perlite or vermiculite. The money tree thrives well in a warm environment that has bright light but not direct sun.

This plant is very popular with those who believe in Feng Shui. No wonder, it’s always found in the offices of businessmen and women, who are keen to make more money! In fact, this is one of the reasons why they are known as “money plants”!

The money plant is also known as the friendship tree. It gets its name from the leaf, which resembles Indian currency notes. This plant is native to India and is frequently found in homes across South India. If you want to grow a money plant at home, here are the steps:

The money plant thrives in the shade and needs a lot of water. It grows well in the soil that has been made available to it, provided it is kept moist. This plant is easily propagated from stem cuttings taken after the leaves have fallen off during winter.

Money plants are hearty and easy to grow. They have shiny, dark green leaves that make them very attractive. This hardy plant is a great addition to any home or office. You can grow it as a houseplant or as a potted garden plant too.

The money plant is considered as a lucky charm especially because it flowers only when there is prosperity in the home. It also symbolizes wealth and abundance.

Money plant is a favorite indoor plant. It is also known as “Good Luck” or “Money Tree” and is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity. The leaves of the plant can be used to decorate the house.

Money plant is a popular lucky charm in many families. While also having a lovely look, it has many medicinal properties too that make it an attractive indoor plant.

Money plant is a small shrub native to Madagascar and it’s known to be one of the best house plants around. Why? Because it’s beautiful, requires very little upkeep and people believe that if you have this plant in your home, you will never run out of money!

It is native to South America, but has been widely grown in many parts of the world for its ease of care and striking appearance. This low maintenance houseplant thrives under moderate light and can be easily kept in a corner of the living room or bedroom.

Money Plant is a beautiful, elegant and easy-to-grow houseplant with dark green leaves. The leaves are slightly plump and can be round or oval shaped. It has many common names including money tree, silver dollar plant, and piggyback plant.

Benefits of having Money plants

Money plant is a very interesting houseplant and is frequently used as a lucky charm to bring money and prosperity. The leaves of this plant are round, plump and flat, giving them the appearance of coins. They are grown indoors in most homes for their decorative value but can also be grown in the garden.

It is a very simple but elegant plant. It is one of the most popular house plants as it comes with numerous benefits. This makes it a must-have in every household..

Money plant is a small evergreen shrub with dark green foliage and clusters of pink flowers, which appear during summer. The plant can be kept as a small bush or allowed to grow into a tree-like shape. It has very glossy leaves, looking as if they have been polished. Leaves are cylindrical in shape and grow from the stem in opposite pairs. They are thick set, with rounded ends and may grow up to 3 inches long.

Money plant is very easy to grow. It can thrive in low light conditions and even when the water levels are low, it doesn’t wilt easily.

There are more than 500 varieties of the money plant. They can be green, purple, red or variegated depending on the variety. The leaves are usually pale green, round and plump with a bit of a yellow tinge. Some varieties even have a golden hue!



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From Customer perspective we can totally understand that You care about your plant delivery and time. So we are sharing our steps of actually how we process the orders.

Order Alloted to Nursery immediately

We first allot order to the nurseries across in India based on location, products and so. In order to fulfill plant with actual color demand we also refer them with thumbnail size image of the plant especially in the case of flowers.

Order Dispatche by our Delivery Partner

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Most of the time the order get dispatched the day after the order is placed on PlantMarts.

Plant Reaches to You, just water it immediately

As the plant reaches to you as it can take as less as 2 days or more, it is your responsibility to water it properly and start taking care.
At the time it delivered, you need to take utmost care and water it properly.

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