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Water apple is a tropical fruit tree and perennial plant that is native to the Indian subcontinent, but has been cultivated in Africa, Southeast Asia and Australia for many centuries. It did not become popular elsewhere until recently because of its sour taste.

Hybrid Water Apple is a fruit tree that is best for home gardens, commercial orchards and also for growing in pots. It has big leaves and produces fruits that are crunchy and juicy. The fruit has a very good taste.

The fruit is a delicious, sweet and tangy treat unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. It’s also packed with vitamins, minerals and has many health benefits. But you’ll have to get it while it’s in season because they’re only available for a few months per year!

Water Apple Hybrid White- Fruit Plants is a fruit plant that gives lots of benefits to the earth and its people. It is a hybrid version of water apple and is environment friendly. Because it doesn’t need too much water, it can be grown easily in drought areas.

Water Apple Hybrid is a fruit tree that bears fruits all year round. This fruits are used to make juice, jams, jellies and other desserts.

The Water Apple is a fruit bearing deciduous tree. It can be grown as an ornamental or for its fruit, which is a round fruit similar to a small apple.

Water Apple Hybrid White is one of the most delicious fruits. It is a tropical fruit also known as sweetsop and sugar apple. The taste is similar to a combination of apple, pear and pineapple.

This fruit plant is a unique variety of apple tree. It bears very sweet and delicious fruits which are also rich in vitamin C and calcium.

Revolutionary Water Apple hybrid and its amazing white-fruit. White-fruit is a new generation of fruit plants with all the benefits and taste of water apple, but without the disadvantages. It has resistance to diseases that water apple is susceptible to, like Fusarium Wilt, it is resistant to nematodes and insects and has high tolerance to salinity.

The Water Apple is a perennial, deciduous fruit tree that produces sweet fruits that are loved by children and adults alike. The fruit of the Water Apple is also known as “Bael Fruit” or “Bilimbi”, and it can be used to prepare delicious beverages.

Water Apple Hybrid White- Fruit Plants are the best plants you can get to grow in your garden. The fruit of this plant is sweet and juicy, just like a watermelon but with a sour taste. The fruits can be eaten as it is or as toppings on other foods such as cakes and ice cream.

This is a tree which grows in West Africa, Ghana. It is also called African Apple Tree, water apple fruit and is believed to be the most potent plant in the world for Diabetes treatment.

Water Apple is a hybrid fruit plant that helps you increase your vegetable yield by up to 50% . It grows in tropical areas, but unlike other plants, it can thrive underwater as well.

Hybrids are a new category of plants that have been developed by breeding two different parental lines to create an improved plant. These new plants have the vigor and yields of the best parent, while being more resistant to disease and other stresses. The Water Apple Hybrid is an extremely vigorous plant with large, sweet fruit that taste great.

The fruit plants are beautiful ornamental trees with a water-holding capsule at the base of each leaf. Each “apple” is about five inches in diameter, and contains clear fluid.

Water Apple is a tropical fruit with a sweet, crisp and delicious white flesh. It contains more vitamin C than oranges do. * The Water Apple is an attractive plant, it’s smooth green leaves and large white flowers make it a very attractive plant to have in the garden or on your patio. * It grows well in containers so you can place them wherever you like!

This special variety of water apple trees is considered to be the world’s most productive fruit-bearing tree. The fruits are very nutritious and a great source of Vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants. They are low in calories, high in fiber and fat free.

Water apple is a popular fruit in the tropics and subtropics. It’s unusual appearance and taste makes it a great choice for many different dishes.

Water Apple Hybrid White- Fruit Plants are a cross between apple and watermelon. The tree is easy to grow, produces large amounts of fruit, and the fruits last longer than watermelons.

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After We do proper packaging of your order based on color selection, plant and its type, we than dispatch with our multiple delivery partners, who than deliver the order on time.
Most of the time the order get dispatched the day after the order is placed on PlantMarts.

Plant Reaches to You, just water it immediately

As the plant reaches to you as it can take as less as 2 days or more, it is your responsibility to water it properly and start taking care.
At the time it delivered, you need to take utmost care and water it properly.

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